Pillow Theory Returns With ‘Meltdown’

Pillow Theory is a four piece band based out of New York that have been steadily tearing up the New York rock scene for the best part of a decade.  Their first album, Outpatience was produced by legendary producer Steve Albini and has gone on to become an underground classic.  If you don’t have it, get your behind online, go to Itunes and get it.  It’s as good as a rock n roll album you’re going to hear.  The band has gone through various permutations, but it has always remained the vision for lead singer-guitarist-chief songwriter Kelsey Warren.   The current lineup, which includes Danos on guitar,  Joaquin on bass, and Aaron on drums, has been the most consistent through PT’s history and it’s also their best.

Meltdown is a blistering 5-song EP that captures the songs that Pillow Theory have been showcasing live over the last couple of years.  ‘Blipsters and Buppies’, is a crushing putdown of the posers and so-called hipsters that infect the current music scene complete with the will-stay-stuck-in your head hook of ‘you’re all so serious’.  The twisted guitar interplay between Kelsey and Danos highlights the very dark rocker ‘The Stalker’; ‘Tongue’ is relentless punk-rock driven by a deceptively placed reggae groove.  ‘Rescue’ is the biggest surprise: It’s a intricate foray into electro funk anchored by a sledgehammer rock  chorus that deserves to be played in a live setting.  The moody ‘Warm The Blood’ is a great showcase for the band – terrific vocals, fantastic drum work by Aaron, thundering bass by Joaquin and more dazzling guitar interplay between Kelsey and Danos.

With exceptional production by Wicz (Slim Willy of the band Ferrari Snowday) and studio legend Ron St. Germaine (he added his trademark sonic touches to ‘Blipsters & Buppies’), Meltdown is a full-on triumph.

On Sunday, July 10th, Pillow Theory will be celebrating the release of Meltdown with a CD release party at The Mercury Lounge (217 East Houston Street) in New York City.  California King – another outstanding band based out of Brooklyn with a killer CD out, La Belle Epoque – will go on at 7pm and Pillow Theory will hit around 8pm.

Meltdown will be available at the show on July 10th.  You can also purchase it through http://www.pillowtheory.com.

This doesn’t suck!


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