TV Is Dead – Fifth Nation

On March 1, 2009, Julia – a recent transplant from UC Santa Cruz – attended a party in Austin, Texas and began to play a guitar melody on a backyard stage.  Music Read – who moved to Austin to pursue a career in music -heard her playing and instinctively sat behind the drums and began to play along.  When the song was finished, Julia formally introduced herself to Music and Fifth Nation – and a partnership in music and love was formed.

Two years, one move to New York City and two albums later (Flight and It’s On), Fifth Nation stand on the verge of blowing up big time, due in large part to their hypnotically explosive live performances.   Jeff Buckley isn’t dead – his spirit and the scores of influences that he absorbed through his brief, but brilliant career (Stevie, Django, Led Zep) live through this incredibly talented duo.

TV Is Dead is their latest work and quite possibly their best.  The title track is a hope set to music.  ‘Wide Awake’ features jazzy chords with a thunderous chorus and middle section that rocks out with any hard rock band you’ve heard past or present.  ‘Be Here’ is one of the most gorgeous pieces of music these ears have heard in a long time.  It sums up the Fifth Nation experience perfectly.  It’s stunning.

TV Is Dead is available now as a digital download through the band’s website,  You HAVE to catch the live show too.  You will be converted for sure!


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