Kelsey Warren – Nylon & Steel 1

In a time where the hook isn’t just the one thing, it’s the only thing, the actual craft of songwriting has become somewhat of a lost art.  Pillow Theory, a blistering four piece that has been tearing up the New York scene for quite awhile now, has mastered the art of the song while not losing any of its post-grunge, power pop edge.  If you don’t own the Steve Albani-produced ‘Outpatience’, you’re missing out on a bonafide classic rock n roll album.

Kelsey Warren, lead singer & chief songwriter, steps away from the group for a minute with ‘Nylon & Steel 1’, a solo EP that dials down the volume but still highlights Warren’s incredible voice (which is a cross between Seal, Frank Black and Dave Matthews) and again, fine songwriting.  Love is the overriding theme of the EP: ‘Reclamation’ tells off the possibilities of remaining friends even after the romance has long faded.  ‘Blues From Afar’ reconstructs the blues structure into a tight folk-based melody and features great vocal harmonies.  ‘Pregnant’ captures the uncertainties, changes and ultimately the joys of becoming a parent to someone who while petite, ‘is the biggest thing to come across our lives’.  It’s adult pop at it’s finest.  The sweeping ‘Strawberry’ recalls some of Nick Drake’s best work.  With excellent production by Denise Barbarita, ‘Nylon & Steel 1’ is a great way to introduce someone to Kelsey Warren’s extraordinary vocal and songwriting skills.

‘Nylon & Steel 1’ is available now at CD Baby.  You can also go to for more information.  ‘Nylon & Steel 2’ – which Kelsey promises to be ‘dark as all hell’, will be released later this year.  I can’t wait.


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